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 IAPH Baku  2018

Opening Ceremony

Red Rabbit entertainment team:




Aleksandr Bratkovsky

Olga Nikitina


Oleksandr Komar  


Daniil Danilyuk


Tatamusic production studio

Nikolay Sosin


Baku Media CenterTeam


Lala Mutallimova


Nigar Bektimirova

Emin Mahmudov

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1 may, 2018



The main theme for the IAPH Baku 2018 World Ports Conference is “Ports of Future: Building Hubs, Accelerating Connectivity.” Four-day conference will focus on the important and interesting topics like emerging transport corridors in the region and around the world, contribution of the free trade zones to the domestic economy and the economy of the neighboring countries, the concept of “SmartPorts”, “Green Ports” as well as marine tourism. 

Red Rabbit entertainment:  creation video content, directing opening ceremony for Baku Media Center .


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