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The show was created in 2015.
By now, this Christmas show has successfully completed 2 theatrical seasons. It was visited by more than 70000 people. The show has received very good reviews and comments from viewers, and was highly critically acclaimed.
“Dream Guards” is a unique Christmas fairy tale for the whole family. Talented dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, and circus performers  gathered on the same stage, and the latest 3D-technologies helped in creating a modern high-tech show.


The fairytale is about a homeless boy Max, who meets a magical Cat, the Dream Keeper, on Christmas Eve. Together, overcoming many challenges, they have to save a magical star, because the evil dragon wants to steal it. On their way, they meet the good fairies and mighty horntigers that help them to save the star from the villain.
“RED RABBIT ENTERTAINMENT”: The idea, direction and choreography of the show.
Production- «SRARLIGHT Rozvagy»


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