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Our team is engaged in creative content production in general and personally for your events. Our team will create, specifically aimed at your event, show, performance, and any other stage acts on which all the show will be based. It may include directing and staging an entire event, or its separate part, or it’s opening.

Robotic show opens Global AI Summit 2022

13 september. 2022 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Opening of the Global AI Summit 2022. The goal was to impress and inspire the guests of the one of the world’s biggest AI forums.The Antigravity Show team, which includes Front Pictures, Red Rabbit Entertainment, and PROFI r&d / innovations, created a technology-charged 6-min performance. The act featured live dancing, two LED screens attached to robotic arms, projection mapping, lasers, 7.1 sound, and a 23m LED wall as a background. 

Antigravity Show at CES 2020


Las Vegas, USA

Our team created a multimedia experience built on our revolutionary Antigravity Show technology that took visual storytelling to the next level. The striking performance demonstrated how the company’s products bring the future into focus.

"International Architecture Forum"

Jun 7, 2019


The Forum was held on June 7-9, 2019 in Baky, wich themed “Mass tourism in historic cities”

Red Rabbit entertainment create stunning shows for the opening "International  Architecture forum" 

The amazing multimedia performance was made by Red Rabbit entertainment for Baku Media Center‬.
The interactive  dance-circus show.

The 160th - Caspian Shipping Company 

October 10, 2018


At the beginning of the official part of the event, the interactive holographic dance reflecting the three-centuries-old history of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company was presented.

​The amazing multimedia performance was made by Red Rabbit Entertainment for Baku Media Center‬.
Red Rabbit entertainment: directing, Idea, production 

Space Jorney 

April 26, 2019

Changsha,  China


Space Journey' performance at the World's Got Talent (China)

We are extremely excited to present our live stage performance “Space Journey” at World's Got Talent in China. Enjoy a trip to the dark side of the moon with great ancient Chinese myths and the Antigravity Show!

Mystery Hotel

August 21, 2018

Los Angeles, CA, United States


The  Red Rabbit entertainment wowed the audience of the 13th season of America’s Got Talent with another revolutionary performance of “Mystery Hotel.” The act was presented during the quarterfinal of the popular American show live on NBC on August 21.

The performance is the result of a collaboration between Red Rabbit Entertainment  Front Pictures,  and PROFI Innovations.


Los Angeles, CA, United States.June 2018

The Red Rabbit entertainment  team successfully made it

through auditions for the 13th season of America’s Got Talent with its stunning performance “The Escape” which was presented on NBC on June 12.

The performance is a result of collaboration between  Red Rabbit Entertainment (Konstantin Tomilchenko and Aleksandr Bratkovsky), Front Pictures, and PROFI LTD.

Antigravity show opens TikTok Dou Night Concert

Guangzhou, October 2018

In partnership with Front Pictures and Profi Innovation, Red Rabbit created a spectacular live AR show based on our antigravity technology. The striking performance demonstrated different aspects of TikTok users' lifestyles.


The show opened the Dou Night concert watched by 100 million people online and on TV.

IAPH Baku  2018

Opening ceremony

The main theme for the IAPH Baku 2018 World Ports Conference is “Ports of Future: Building Hubs, Accelerating Connectivity.” Four-day conference was focust on the important and interesting topics like emerging transport corridors in the region and around the world.

Red Rabbit entertainment:  creation video content, directing opening ceremony for Baku Media Center .

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