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June 12, 2018

Los Angeles, CA, United States


The Red Rabbit entertainment  team successfully made it through auditions for the 13th season of America’s Got Talent with its stunning performance “The Escape” which was presented on NBC on June 12.

The performance is a result of collaboration between  Red Rabbit Entertainment (Konstantin Tomilchenko and Aleksandr Bratkovsky), Front Pictures and PROFI LTD.

The Escape’s hero dives into a virtual reality game that seems fun at first, but soon turns into a dynamic race for survival. During the race, he overcomes numerous obstacles in search of salvation.


Front Pictures Team

Yuri Kostenko

Irina Zhivotko

Maxim Zaitsev

Maksym Poberezhskyi

Andrey Yamkovoy

Roman Yevsiukov

Georgii Sagitov

Volodymyr Bezmelitsyn

Eugene Gruzdev

Mykhailo Ionin

Olexiy Gontcharouck

Volodia Nuzhnyi


Denys Khokhlov

Gusarov Ievgen

Vladyslav Lysenko

Fedor Kulik

Oleksii Shcherbyna

Red Rabbit entertainment team:



Konstantin Tomilchenko

Aleksandr Bratkovsky

Music by



Volodymyr Pavlovsky

Tatamusic production studio
Mykola Sosyn
Mykola Odnorog

Costume designer
Tetiana Stupak

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